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"I've been biting my nails my entire life, and have tried stopping but never could. I gave this ring a try without having any expectations, but it's really helped me! Now my nail biting has been substituted by ring spinning. Very pleased!"

Lilly S. | verified customer

Give Your mind a break.

Nervous energy manifests in different ways - like fidgeting, nail biting, or scalp picking.

Occupy your hands & help relieve your mind.

  • Help Reduce Bi-products of Stress and Anxiety

    Occupying your hands can relieve your mind from nervous thoughts or movements, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

  • Break Bad Habits

    Always trying to stop biting your nails? Distract yourself from the urge to trigger bad habits & keep your mind & hands focused elsewhere.

  • Designed in California

    Born out of Venice Beach, California, we're on a mission to naturally help physical manifestations of stress + anxiety.

Kick Stress in the A**.

Keep your mind fully occupied and distract yourself from anxious thoughts & bad habit urges.